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Welcome to Anxiety Headquarters. We look to provide you with an easy to use, stigma & judgment-free resource for all things anxiety and panic attack related. Whether you have only recently encountered anxiety or have dealt with it your entire life, our informative articles can help you find the assistance and guidance you need. We offer a variety of information on a large range of topics dealing with anxiety, such as:

  • Coping methods
  • Commonly prescribed anxiety & panic attack medication
  • Talking to others about anxiety
  • Therapeutic solutions for anxiety & panic attacks
  • Informative and authoritative resources
  • & Much More

It can be hard to find the information that you’re looking for, especially when it comes to topics regarding mental health. There are many stigmas and judgments surrounding them, and our goal is to help eradicate those. We are proud proponents of speaking your mind, communicating your problems, and sharing your journeys & struggles with others. Anxiety and panic attacks can be very frightening to deal with, and sometimes you need a little help to get started in the right direction. There is a large range of information on this site that can possibly help you cope and manage your anxiety. We hope that you find the assistance you need here at Anxiety Headquarters.

Anxiety HQ was made for its users, and looks to constantly update and provide fresh content for anyone dealing with anxiety. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to contribute an article to the website, please reach out to us using the contact form.

Please note: Anxiety Headquarters was made for informational purposes only. We do not offer professional medical advice. Please view our Legal Medical Disclaimer in PDF form by clicking the button here.

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