We know that searching for valuable, informative resources for anxiety & panic disorders can be hard. We’ve made it easy, by compiling an extensive list, broken down by category, of a large amount of resources and websites to utilize. Whether you are searching for professional treatment options near you, or looking to check for drug interactions, we have links to outside sources that provide quality, authoritative information. We streamlined the searching process for you: click any of the above links to take you directly to the section you’re looking for.  If you’d like to contribute a helpful resource, please contact us at together@anxietyheadquarters.com

Children & Anxiety

Balanced Mind Parent Institute – Provided by the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance, this resource seeks to help guide families who have children with mood disorders by providing information and support.

Center for Children & Families – This resource, created by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, provides a variety of in-depth articles catered towards healthcare for children and their families.

Child Mind Institute – A non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who are dealing with mental illness find the treatment and assistance they need. Also has many valuable resources for parents and family members.

Family Aware – Families for Depression Awareness is a valuable resource to help families recognize and cope with bipolar and depression disorders. It provides information on treatment options & coping with these disorders to help prevent suicides and get your loved one the care they need.

Families USA – This organization seeks to provide affordable and equal quality healthcare to families across the country. Easily accessible healthcare for children and their parents is their number one goal.

Grief & Children – This page goes over helping a child overcome and deal with grief. Children can have a very hard time processing the emotions they are feeling when grieving.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network – Focusing on children and early-life trauma, this organization seeks to provide the nurturing and support that children who have experienced a major event in their life require. It is a valuable resource with many different ranges of topics and information for handling this complex issue.

Real Warriors – This is a great, valuable resource for helping children cope with a family member’s military deployment. It is a tough situation for all of those involved, but the information and tips provided on this site can go a long way to finding assistance.

Selective Mutism Group – Childhood anxiety during social situations is very real, and can cause issues for children’s development down the road. This resource helps parents and family members understand these situations and issues with their children and provides support and treatment options for dealing with the “selective mutism” of the child.

Selective Mutism Foundation – A non-profit organisation who always deals with selective mutism in children and the stigmas that surround it. They are dedicated to awareness and increased research on the subject.

Talking To Children About War & Terrorism – This is a great resource to have in today’s tumultuous times. Children can be stressed out and worry easily seeing some of the things on the news these days. Speak to them about hard topics so they can understand what’s going on.

Worry Wise Kids – A great, overall informational resource regarding children & anxiety. This website covers many in-depth topics regarding anxiety, stress, and children. Have concerns or questions about how to help your child? Look no further.


Addiction Resource – An all-in-one site that has detailed information regarding addiction. Understanding addiction, how to get support, and where to find treatment are some of the topics on the site.

Drug Alert – This site consists of an extensive database of medication information that brings you recent news and alerts about medications on the market right now that may have negative side-effects or warnings associated with them.

Drug News – Similar to Drug Alert, this resource provides published reports from the FDA & top researchers about potential side-effects of drugs and any defective medications currently being prescribed.

Drug Watch – An extremely valuable resource, this site provides you a list of harmful drug interactions and the side effects of these medications as well. They also offer information about a variety of medical devices.

Recall Center – This useful site lets you sign up for an alert system that warns you if any of your prescribed medications have a recall or any other dangerous safety alerts that have recently been issued.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration – An authority source on addiction and mental health services. Provides resources to help you find treatment you seek for substance abuse or a variety of mental health illnesses.

Women & Depression Medication – This helpful page, hosted by the FDA, goes over commonly prescribed medications for depression in women and also lists their side effects and what to expect while taking them.

Mental Health

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – This foundation was made to help those suffering from depression and those who have a loved one going through a struggle. It provides vital information such as warning signs, statistics, forms of treatment, and much more.

American Psychiatric Association – Includes a variety of information regarding mental disorders, including their symptoms, risk factors, and various treatment options. There is quality information from the leading psychiatrists in the field.

American Psychological Association – One of the leading scientific organisations whose mission is to improve society and benefit people’s lives through the application and advancement of psychological information.

Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety – This foundation works to improve awareness and find treatments and options dealing specifically with social anxiety.

Anxiety & Depression Association of America – This site has a plethora of resources regarding anxiety and depression, with expert advice from medical professionals.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada – For residents of Canada, this is a valuable resource that contains information about treatment, therapy locations, and more.

Anxiety UK – For those residing in the United Kingdom, this website has much information and thorough articles about anxiety, stress, and panic disorders.

Brain Facts – A compilation of various articles on a wide variety of mental health topics. Constantly updated & refresh.

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation – A variety of recent mental health articles, advancements in technology, & breakthroughs in the mental health field.

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance – This organization seeks to help those suffering from depression and bipolar disorders to find the support and comfort they seek.

Depression Awareness – This is a great resource on becoming aware of depression and the various effects it may display.

Dual Diagnosis – This website focuses on dealing with a combination of depression & addiction. These two illnesses often go hand in hand.

Department of Health & Human Services – A government based website that helps to bring awareness to mental illnesses and works to remove the negative stigmas that surround mental illness in America.

Gift From Within – This non-profit foundation seeks to support and provide information and awareness to victims of traumatic events who are suffering from PTSD.

Helping Others Live Sober – The main purpose of this site is to provide a nurturing environment for those trying to maintain a sober lifestyle. Whether you come from addiction or want to live cleanly, this site can be helpful.

International OCD Foundation – This foundation focuses on obsessive-compulsive disorder, the ways to treat it, and various coping methods. It also includes extensive information on the illness and how to find help for yourself or family members.

Mental Health America – This site has many resources for those suffering from a mental illness. It includes treatment options, screening clinics near you, and much more.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Dedicated to the advancement of research and knowledge surrounding mental illnesses. Consists of many resources and recent articles about the mental illness field.

National Center for PTSD – The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs website that includes thorough information about post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s causes, treatment, and advances in treating the disorder.

National Institute of Mental Health – Working to change the mindset around mental illness in America, this institute seeks to improve our knowledge of the treatment and understanding of mental illnesses.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) – If you or a loved one are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, reach out to the suicide prevention hotline to have the comfort of someone to listen to and speak with.

No Stigmas – Mental illness in America has a negative stigma associated with treatment and being open about them. Help put an end to that and check out this website dedicated to the cause of awareness for mental illnesses.

Rehab Center – Substance abuse and eating disorders unfortunately can go hand-in-hand. This helpful article, and website overall, helps to shed some light on the issues revolving eating disorders in concordance with substance abuse and drug issues.

The TLC Foundation – This organization centers around body-focused repetitive behaviors such as hair-pulling and skin-picking. It offers a large amount of valuable information on these behaviors such as causation, side-effects, and treatment.

World Federation for Mental Health – Promotes the general increase in knowledge around the world of mental health, as well as treatment options and extensive research for mental illness.

Working Minds – This website is centered around suicide prevention in the workplace by way of education, preventative management, and promoting a positive office atmosphere.

Teens, Life, & School

Active Minds – This movement focuses on removing the stigma surrounding mental illness on college campuses by seeking to empower students around the country.

The Jed Foundation – This organization focuses on promoting emotional health and preventing suicide in teens and young adults.

Mental Health & Wellbeing for College Students – This informative guide goes over a variety of mental illnesses that are common for college students to go through, treatment methods, coping techniques, and much more. It is an in-depth look on a large topic.

Minding Your Mind – This organization uses the power of education to help promote the awareness and treatment options for those who suffer from mental illnesses. It is especially catered towards teens and young adults who are struggling with a mental health problem.

National Eating Disorders Assocation – This website provides many resources and valuable information about eating disorders. This issue is very prevalent in young adults and can lead to destructive behavior.

Promoting Student Mental Health – This thorough article includes expert advice and school resources for understanding a variety of mental health disorders and finding the help that students need.

Therapy & Treatment

Academy of Cognitive Therapy – This valuable resource has an extensive amount of information regarding cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and all that it entails. It also has useful tools to help you locate a therapist near you or learn about becoming a certified cognitive therapist.

Advanced Recovery Systems – This site focuses on new and innovative treatment methods to help those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse, also known as co-occurring disorders. Dealing with multiple issues at the same time is tough, but help is here for you.

DrugRehab – Another great resource that has a wealth of information on the topic of not only drug addiction, but co-occurring disorders. Unfortunately, co-occurring disorders (suffering from both a mental health issue and a substance abuse problem) are extremely common in today’s society. Seeking help or guidance to head down the path to treatment? Start here.

Mastering College Stress & Anxiety – This website, provided by the University of Ohio, is a great resource for those who struggle with stress and anxiety in a college or school-related setting. This is one of the most common, and problematic, types of stress.

National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics – This organization is dedicated to helping mental health patients find affordable, quality clinics around them. They offer a detailed search function as well as many more resources.

Social Security Disability for Anxiety – This valuable resource goes over the details for qualifying for social security and how to go about applying.

Social Security Disability for Depression – Similar to the previous resource, but this page focuses on qualifying for social security benefits if you are suffering from depression.

Social Security & Mental Disorders – An overall information page detailing the various requirements, and linking to individual pages, for mental illness and social security disability.

Thero – This website is dedicated to helping you find the treatment and therapy options you require. Includes a directory of mental health services and a large amount of other useful information.

Treatment Advocacy Center – Focused on “eliminating the barriers to treatment for mental illness”, this organisation is dedicated to promoting mental health treatment within hospitals and changing how America handles mental illness.

Related Resources

Emery Healthcare – Centered around awareness and support for those suffering from PTSD, this is a great resource to help you find the treatment for yourself or a loved one who is suffering from the invisible wounds of war.

Healthy Women – A website dedicated to women’s health and wellness. Contains a multitude of important and useful information.

Man Therapy – This site is solely dedicated to helping men understand and deal with mental issues. With a “machismo” site style, this resource caters to those of us who may not feel comfortable opening up to a real therapist yet.

Mindfulness for Healthy Living – This article goes over the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, and includes some research statistics and other useful information. This is a great resource when getting started with meditation or mindfulness exercises.

National Sleep Foundation – Dedicated to research and increasing knowledge of sleep and how our bodies need it, this website has info on topics such as sleep deprivation and healthy sleep routines.

Heads Up Guys – Another site focused on men, this resource covers depression in-depth, going over recognizing signs, seeking help, and providing support to your buddies that may be experiencing depression.

Top Nursing – A wonderful site, filled with great resources and educational articles regarding beginning your profession in the nursing field. Interested in becoming an LPN? Look here first!