Of the world’s population suffers from anxiety on a daily basis
Of anxiety sufferers don’t seek the help and treatment they need
Of the world wants to enjoy their life to the fullest extent possible

Anxiety Headquarters is your one-stop-shop for all things anxiety and panic disorder related. We provide an extensive amount of resources and information on a variety of topics, including: coping with anxiety, commonly prescribed medications for anxiety, talking to others about anxiety, and much more. We are a stigma-free community, and openly support the idea of sharing your mental health struggles, accomplishments, and journeys. You are never alone when it comes to your mental health.

We offer a user-friendly, streamlined website to ensure that you see the knowledge that you are looking for. Whether you are dealing with anxiety yourself or know a loved one who is suffering, we provide the resources that you need to get back on to the right path. Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is extremely tough and can drain even the strongest of us, so a little help can always be used.

Anxiety Headquarters is proud to be your source of information, as we offer:

Anxiety HQ helps to bring you peace of mind, knowing that you are not alone in your struggles.
Anxiety HQ can help to provide you a sense of purpose when you understand you are taking the right steps to recovery.
Anxiety HQ brings you a sense of unity and belonging. We are a kind, nurturing community that looks to provide help and resources for all of us going through this hardship.
Anxiety HQ gathers our information from a variety of reliable, authority sources to ensure you are given accurate information and resources.
We strive to make sure finding the answers you seek is as hassle-free as possible by making our website design simple and responsive.
Anxiety HQ loves to provide fresh, relevant information on a variety of topics ranging from new anxiety medication to new therapy options.
We offer a positive discussion board to help you communicate with other anxiety sufferers and share your thoughts, concerns, & advice.

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